Our treatments

According treatment or technique chosen several live sensations. Therefore we have decided to Broquetas Balneario you enjoy our medicinal mineral waters. We offer a wide range of services and spa treatments and adapt to the personal situation of each client (anti-stress, relaxation, weight loss, recovery ...) under the supervision of our medical team.

We should note that it is NOT necessary to be hosted on Broquetas Spa to enjoy the hot springs and their properties.

Treatments with thermal water

Thermal pool with waterfall neck
Thermal pool - individually or collectively technique that combines the relaxing effect of air bubbles and underwater massage jets of water. Possibility of active or passive mobilization of the joints of the human body.
Waterbed - The energetic massage jets that provide cervical acts on muscle spasms and relieving accumulated tension: lateral rays and bubble beds provide us with a gentle massage mixed air-water relaxes joints and active peripheral circulation.
Bubble bath - Technical Tub, Shower in individual using the Spa water temperature varies depending on the desired effect (muscle relaxation, stimulating blood circulation, toning the nervous system).
Ray thermal pressure - Technical crenoteràpica that following a previously scheduled trip on the body surface, getting a massage done a relaxing effect on muscle mass. If it ends with cold water, particularly invigorating and activating blood circulation.
Thready circular shower - crenoteràpica technique that uses hot water jets in small caliber placed at different heights walking from the cervical region to the feet.
Shower column - water jets placed vertically into three columns, producing a relaxing massage of the back muscles of the body, shoulders and hips.
Lumbar shower - water jets in a range that is used in the treatment of diseases of the lumbar spine hips, with the patient sitting position and discharge column.
Vaporarium - Steam generally obtained from collision between water droplets Spa transformed into volcanic rocks contrals targeted for this purpose. Causes sweating, activating blood circulation and eliminate toxins and dead skin cells.
Spray - Indicated for the treatment of diseases of the upper respiratory tract (nose, mouth, pharynx) using the water drop shaped large.
Steam limbs - is based on the local application of steam for the treatment of hands and feet polyarthrosis of these areas, reduces inflammation, recovering joint mobility.
Bath thalaform - Technical individual bath, combining air bubbles and jets of small caliber, that cover the back of the body from the soles of the feet to the neck area, shoulders and arms, playing a nice massage . If water is used at low temperature, stimulates the circulatory system; if the temperature is over 35 ° C, the effect is relaxing.
Essences bath - Jacuzzi that combines the properties of the spa water with the power of an oil essences causing an effect of sedation, sweating and elimination of toxins.

General and special massages

Hot stones
Scented candles
Massage - indicated in the treatment of joint stiffness and muscle spasms.
Anti-stress massage - Soft relaxing massage, carried on the shoulders and back of legs, using massage cream.
Cellulite massage - Treating localized fatty areas (abdomen, buttocks, arms or legs) as long massage.
Circulatory massage - Manipulations of the lower limbs upwards, using a cream base. Finally apply a gel cryotherapy, causing localized cold.
Skull-facial massage - Gentle manipulation on the scalp and face, to remove accumulated tension and encourage blood flow.
Thermal back massage - Treating back on the region, made with an ointment that produces a strong vasodilatation by increasing the temperature, providing a great muscle relaxation.
Lymphatic drainage massage - Technical gentle maneuvers of casting, pumping and drag upward, specifically for the treatment of disorders of the lymphatic vessels. It favors the elimination of body fluids and proporcionagran sedation.
Antioxidant massage with argan - body massage indicated to combat stress and joint stiffness. Provides the skin with a nourishing and moisturizing effect.
Reflexology - massage technique located in the feet, which rebalance the different organs via Reflexology treats diseases of the human body.
Massage with bamboo canes - The bambuteràpia or bamboo massage is an oriental massage that favors the energy balance of our body. It brings harmony, relaxation and physical improvement while produndamente stimulates the skin, muscle, adipose tissue and the nervous system of pleasure with the soft touch of reeds applied to each body area. The stimulus generated by friction, percussion and pressure of bamboo triggers a neural circuit actions, circulatory, nervous, muscular and emotional energy that provoke an intense feeling of general wellbeing.
Massage with hot scented candles - candles The aromatic oil massage provides a sense of well being different, feeling the skin oil at a constant temperature of 40 ° C.
Fangteràpia - Local application of fender (mixture of clay and paraffin) in hot poultice to treat stiffness, contractures and chronic inflammation of joints, since it produces vasodilation in the area.
Paraffin - Using heat emitted paraffin to keep it in liquid form for the treatment of stiff joints of hands and feet, the usual clinical arthritis and osteoarthritis.
Balancing massage with pinda - Massage done with bags filled with small stones. Application body after heating with the almond oil pindas getting a sedative and relaxing effect.
Geothermal Massage with hot stones - massage with hot stones made corporal level. It has a relaxing effect and relieving. It can be combined with cold stones to enhance stimulation circulation in the legs.

Health and Beauty Treatments

Wrap reducer - Suitable for reduced volume in areas where there is an important retention, performing for several sessions and using different types of seaweed during treatment.
Purifying Mud Body Wrap - Treatment with oxygenating and detoxifying effect, it is beneficial to perform continuously in those with skin problems eczema or psoriasis. It begins with a body scrub, preparing the skin for the absorption of the rest of the house Phytomer products.
Firming wrap - Done repeatedly, has a draining effect, slimming and firming, using the marine clays as active power. It can be local (application abdomen, thighs and buttocks) or too general to be applied to the upper body.
Shock intensive facial / facial detoxifying - We rely on the concept of restoration, achieve a revitalizing and moisturizing optimal, so the work with Natura Bissé, which provides better quality, repair tissue and prevent damage to our style of life.
Eye and lip treatment - We propose a treatment that offers global solutions in the treatment of imperfections around the eyes and lips, smoothing deep wrinkles and fine, correcting eyelid bags and blurred glasses in a comprehensive and very effective, Natura Bissé products.
Facial scrub - peeling or exfoliation consisting of the use of substances to renew skin layers and thus eliminate imperfections and promote a uniform color. The peeling gets a reduction in wrinkles, skin well moisturized and rejuvenated, with a proper secretion of fat and a good consistency and brightness. They are also used to correct fine wrinkles, medium or deep, to treat acne, photoaging, skin aging, sagging, fine and rough skin, oily skin, skin blemishes, our products ... Natura Bissé are the highest quality.
Seaweed Bath - Bath combines the properties of the spa water with the power of a freeze-dried seaweed producing an effect of sedation, sweating, removal of toxins and weight loss.
Peeling anti-stress with honey - beauty treatment based on the realization of friction on the body surface with honey crystallized, causing exfoliation of dead cells in the layers with a final effect of satin and silky skin immediately . It is recommended to complement the service with a whirlpool and relaxation session.
Anti-age scrub with argan - body exfoliation and moisturizing effect by nourishing argan oil, green tea and rosehip.
Aromatic Body Peeling - Body exfoliation with sea salt and olive oil flavored Gorda to leave skin lightly scented and hydrated.
Facial - general facial cleansing through the application of active ingredients and products Water Spa Broquetas. It helps keep the skin free of impurities and increases receptiveness of the same for other facials.
Detoxifying facial treatment - detoxification enzyme termoactiva treatment (deep cleaning) with moisturizing, soothing and revitalizing it brings a touch of satin and fresh facial skin.
Golden Treatment - Body scrub, body wrap and remineralizing gel glossy golden oil with final application golden and sprinkled gold powder.
Reducing body treatment - Preparing body peeling, reductrice gentle massage, detox wrap and application of anti-cel·lulítica cream.
Treatment chocolate - hot chocolate massage, chocolate body wrap and moisturizing cream with chocolate and orange.