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Circuit of Catalonia

The Circuit de Barcelona, ​​Catalonia is a dream come true which have thousands of motor enthusiasts since 1991. Nowadays, the circuit has emerged as one of the most modern sports facilities take place each season where the main events engine in the world, most notably the F1 Grand Prix of Spain and Catalonia Grand Prix Moto GP. But the circuit is not only a passion for speed, but also offers the possibility of organizing all kinds of events and activities for individuals and companies thanks to the versatility of an infrastructure equipped offering all kinds of services and a restaurant, a media room with capacity for 450 people, several VIP areas, and even a helipad.

Cim de les Aligues

Cim d'Aligues
Top of Eagles is the only center of its kind in the study sample, breeding and flying birds of prey. The tour consists of an explanation of 30 min. the area of ​​aviaries. This allows to introduce the general concepts of these birds, such as type of food, behavior, native species, habitats occupied ..... flight session, lasts approximately 45 minutes. The experience of seeing a short distance allows a good understanding of these animals. Located in a tiered outdoor, on top of a cliff near the well remarks: making flights fist to fist caregivers, flying over our heads, or moving away toward the valley that remains the front. This occurs accompanied by an explanation that highlights the differences between species.

La Roca Village Store

La Roca Village
Bicester Village is one of the nine Villages Collection of Chic Outlet Shopping ® Value Retail. Founded in 1992. Specializing is the only company, exclusively in the management and operation of luxury outlet shopping villages.
The Collection, which houses over 900 outlet boutiques fashion brands and lifestyle leaders in the world, provides an experience of unrivaled luxury outlet shopping for buyers and buyers demanding Europe. The nine Villages, which are located close to some of the favorite cities of Europe are tourist destinations in their own right. In Barcelona, ​​there is La Roca Village Store, about 20 minutes drive from Caldes de Montbui.


Situated in the north-eastern Mediterranean coast, Barcelona is undoubtedly one of the most popular European cities. The city offers the perfect blend of sun, beaches, culture, history, cuisine and life day and night. This mixes history and modernism. Barcelona will surprise both its cosmopolitan neighborhoods as historic and charming corners. 28 km Caldes Montbui.

Routes and Trails

Gorges Pelags
Caldes de Montbui has a privileged location for excursions by bike or foot. In this link you will find a small map showing all routes and trails, for a total of nine offered by the natural environment of the spa town, such as the route of the Hermits or the remedy, or the path of the Red Tower . / pdfs / Senders_Caldes.pdf

San Sebastian Montmajor

San Sebastian
It is a small town located 12 km from town of Caldes de Montbui the northern side of Farrell, surrounded by mountains. The valley of San Sebastian has all the charm of nature, but you can find that feeling of solitude and peace. In this area are the beautiful Romanesque church of the eleventh century perfectly preserved. Inside, you can admire the frescoes of Antonio Vila Arrufat made between 1945 and 1950 and San Sebastian painted wooden artist Sebastian Bay. The church has a single nave and transept, which gives the plant the Latin cross. The plant has, the east side, a header triabsidal, in the center of the apse is square and the two lateral semicircular. In the far south transept is another apse, semicircular also flat. The central apse has three particularity decorated facades. Include the presence of a small bell tower prismatic quadrangular, with two floors of windows on each side.

Horse and horse riding

Horseback riding
One of the most natural ways of knowing and experiencing the landscape of our region is through various horseback riding. Vallès Oriental there are different companies that offer the opportunity to enjoy the scenery and the mountains on foot to horseback.

Can Sala - Montornès del Vallès
Vallromanes Riding Club - Vallromanes
Riding the Oak Ca - Santa Maria Palautordera
Can Tramp Riding - Cardedeu
Can Equestrian Village - St. Stephen Palautordera

Playing Golf

Play Golf
Playing Golf
Golf is the perfect exercise for maintaining fitness and sports biggest attraction to the conditions of practice: the natural environment, water the lawn and the environment. Montbui Caldes is located in an ideal spot to practice and close to the renowned fields:

Caldes Golf 6 km.
Villalba Golf Club 19 km.
Vallromanes Golf Club 21 km.
Sant Cugat Golf Club 22 km.
Real Club de Golf El Prat in 29 km.
Llavaneras Golf Club 37 km.

The Roman Baths

Roman Baths
The Caldes was in Roman times a spa resort. The primary function of this set was cured numerous patients coming to the site from different parts of the Roman Hispania. The room that is now the Lion Fountain Square, is only part of the great Roman baths that were in Roman times extending to the old hospital, the Broquetas Spa and Fountain Square Lion.

The Lion Fountain

Source Lion
Thermal spring water is more characteristic of the population with water that comes [Source Lion] at 74 ° C temperature, located in the square of the same name. Lion Fountain was built in 1581 and was renovated in 1822.'s Source, as we can admire today, dates from 1927, when it was restored and enhanced by Manuel Brush, who designed the monument of the current Air noucentista the characteristic lion became the symbol of the town.

Utility of Portalera

Thermal water utility located in the wall. The water utility comes from the Source of Leon and even today is emptied and cleaned daily. Still used and access is free in the mornings from Monday to Saturday.

Church of Santa Maria

Santa Maria de Caldas
The building would be built in the sixteenth century although it was not completed until 1714. Was built in 1701 Baroque portal, initiated by the French Pierre Ruppin and the resumption Calderí Paul Sorell. It is considered one of the masterpieces of the baroque Catalan. In an adjoining chapel is the Holy Majesty, a polychrome wood carving, Byzantine style and dating from the eleventh and twelfth centuries. This image was destroyed during the Civil War, being burned in the middle of the square. Saved the village head and rebuilt in 1939.

Chapel of Remei

Ermita del Remei
Sixteenth century chapel that bears the image of the Virgin of Remedies, worshiped in ancient boilers. The current building replaced a simple chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary that was built in a place where people had strange visions. It is located on the Paseo del Remei.

Tower Prison

Prison tower
National Cultural Heritage. 1102 documented the existence of the wall that surrounds the town and will be reformed to great modification of the fourteenth century, with the addition of new portals. The structure that we see today corresponds to one of the defense towers of one of the gates to the walled city. In the nineteenth century as a prison tower renovated for this purpose, which has given its name to the present. It is located on the corner of Main Street and the beams.

The Red Tower

The Red Tower
Archaeological wide chronological spectrum that spans from the fifth century BC until almost the present day. The thickness of the structures respond to an Iberian settlement, the most important phase which takes place the last two centuries before the change was. During the High Middle Ages deals space as perhaps linked to the burial chapel of St. Michael RNA located a few hundred meters from the site. The name of the place comes from a watchtower built in the circular southernmost point of the site in the late Middle Ages and the reddish color of the soil in the area. From this tower looms in the foreground the village of Caldes then the Vallès plain, the fit between the Serra de Collserola Marina and the Besòs river to the notch and finally the sea. While you can enjoy views over the western slopes of the Montseny and eastern San Lorenzo.

Sant Miquel del Fai

Sant Miquel del Fai
Sant Miquel del Fai was a place of worship since ancient times. The first news about the cave church of St. Michael is the year 997, when Count Ramon Borrell gave it to the count because Gombau Besora build a monastery. The monastery was inhabited by a community of Benedictine monks until 1567. Later, it was run by secular priests. In the nineteenth century romantic writers discover the beauty of Sant Miquel del Fai and they know their history and legends.