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According treatment or technique chosen several live sensations. Therefore we have decided to Broquetas Balneario you enjoy our medicinal mineral waters. We offer a wide range of services and spa treatments and adapt to the personal situation of each client (anti-stress, relaxation, weight loss, recovery ...) under the supervision of our medical team.

We should note that it is NOT necessary to be hosted on Broquetas Spa to enjoy the hot springs and their properties.

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Broquetas Spa offers its facilities, with the most sophisticated techniques, where you can benefit from the most complete treatments, always under the control of our medical team and enjoy the ludic-thermal baths.

Thermal water is one of the most widely used natural medicinal resources since antiquity and its therapeutic qualities are well known. With the passage of time and the change in habits and attitudes, the Culture of Health, this need to take care of our body to survive daily stress, turns the thermal water into one of our best allies.

In this sense, the mineral spring of mineral-medicinal water, which flows at 74 ° C, is a source of mineral wealth.

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Want to make a different and original gift?

Offer a gift of Health and Spa !!

We give you all the options:

Surprised with a very special gift, give a stay at our resort with spa treatments. Find hotel packages for all budgets.

Bubble baths, chocolate massages, spa pool with waterfall neck, packages and circuits ... have a whole range of possibilities for gifts!

And the most advantage on the covered and uncovered outdoor heated pool, wi-fi, bikes mountain bikes for trips, rest rooms ...

You can give specific dates or leave the dates open and enjoy throughout all the year. Select among all offers and services that are most interested in and send us a mail , we will send the detail of the book with a gift box, all customized to your personal touch. Or if you prefer, come in person, you will now.


Broquetas currently
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Broquetas 1873
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The Spa Broquetas existed for many years, but was rebuilt in the year 1770. One can say that more than two centuries of history, as their most important activity begins in that year, when he renovated the old Guest Can Vicente. Since then it has undergone several modifications and extensions.

Hostal Can Vicente was part of the houses purchased Broquetas Salvador to build a house bathrooms. The owners, John and apothecary Broquetas Broquetas Salvador, was the author of the book "Light of Truth, Tratado de las aguas thermal mayors" (1790), which, during the first days of medicine and Spas Catalan Countries, it was a facsimile edition.

Spa Broquetas activity began in 1729 when its founder, Salvador Broquetas, built the first bathhouse where there is now the current spa, which gives its name.

Initially, the spa was a three-story building that, over the two centuries of its history, it has continued to expand to include all amenities for our customers, such as parking, gym ...

The predominantly modernist style lives in harmony with heterogeneous areas resulting from successive transformations.

A photo bathrooms can still authentic Roman sauna (vaporarium) of the second century, in the form of natural stone stove covered with a lap around which the Romans sat on stone benches.

His great architectural building that has been declared a protected monument art.

The resort of Balneario Broquetas currently has 83 rooms, 8 luxury apartments, photo thermal baths, massage parlors, beauty and body treatments, indoor and outdoor heated pool open all year round, gardens, private parking, Garden Restaurant, reading rooms, coffee and snack area and lounges Conditioner point and equipped for seminars, banquets, cocktail parties and social events. In addition, we offer our customers a bike for mountain biking tours and wi-fi.

Modernist architecture

Spa Gallery
Details Modernist
The exterior of the building in the late nineteenth century was not the currently presented. Front, and on the corner of Carrer de Vic embarking on Fountain Square Lion (which until 1986 was called Marc Savall). The resort bought almost all the houses in the neighborhood that made Street Bridge with its garden, knocking them to turn that space into a garden worthy for a hotel of this category. Also bought the Hotel Cal Ces located at the beginning of Vic Street, to get a grand entrance to the garden. The front door and give the Lion Fountain Square.

Family Fields, who spent more than two generations leading the revival of hydrotherapy in our population has been restored throughout the spa bath and photo modernist artistic value and architectural ceiling and modernist details.

For his great artistic and architectural Balneario Broquetas is a part of Monumental Artistic Protected of Caldes Montbui.